Sunday, June 9, 2019

Fury and Sound: The Séance at Fringe

Scott Browning and Nathan Felix presented Fury and Sound. The premise of  the show was that a group of friends (Esteban Vilchez, McKenzie Jo Frazer, Christopher Baker, Amanda Lane Decker) wandered to the edge of the Orlando Fringe Festival to communicate with the dead. The actors and audience met near the Rocket Thrower statue which is at the entrance of Loch Haven Park off of Princeton Avenue. I decided to sketch the musicians and vocalists who were n a grassy knoll near the Orlando Science Center. The technician at a folding picnic table was responsible to broadcast the live performance to headphones worn by each member of the audience. I was also given head phones so I heard the show while Pam joined the crowd to experience the seance first hand. I know a Ouija board came into play.

Actors and the audience moved from location to location. They ended up at an area with a circle of rocks which acted as benches. I saw them performing with small lights or the flash light feature of their phone, off in the distance. I heard the voices of the deaf whispering in my ears. The spirits were restless.

I however remained focused on a live performance of the chamber orchestra (Symphonic Underground, led by Daniel Cortes) and choir performing the score live on an adjacent lawn. The cello, several violins and a flute added a classical mysteriousness to the proceedings in which a young murdered woman's soul is brought back from the dead. This was the first performance of the piece at Fringe and they director gave his tech a high five being relieved that the technology had actually worked.

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