Saturday, October 22, 2016

Catharsis adds a personal touch to horror.

Catharsis is an all-new immersive haunted experience unlike anything Central Florida has ever encountered. This experience is not about simply startling you. It  is not an "extreme" haunted house. Catharsis is about reaching you on a deeper level. It is about the chill that runs down your spine, about the involuntary feeling of dread that consumes you as you step out into the unknown.

Executive producer Ricky Brigante walked me through the dark sinister warehouse maze. We stopped in the Lust room, and we both knew that this is where I should sketch. To help me blend in, Ricky walked me to the actors dressing room and  picked out a long flowing night gown with sequins and large triangular shoulder pads. The actress it was tailored for only had a two inch wide waste, I couldn't wrap it around my bulky chest. All that guests would see, would be sequins on my legs and a white pearl necklace around my neck. I sat right beside them in a dark corner.

The actor in the Lust room, Sam Matusrek, had long lashes, eyeliner and a beautiful red silk night gown. We were briefly introduced in the dressing room before the doors opened. You enter the lust room through a jagged hole that has been knocked through a wall. Sam searched for a flashlight in the dark when he first entered. The room was illuminated by a single exposed red bulb. It had the sinister feel of an old school photographer's dark room. An analog camera and darkroom chemicals were on the floor along with rose pedals. Masks were on a dresser and on the single lamp.

When guests arrived, Sam would inspect each silently by lightly touching their hair. Then he signaled for them to sit on two stools.  He would then focus on his favorite by shining his light in their face and delicately painting their face with lipstick. He quietly sighed and moaned with delight at his creation. Some times they had their backs to me. Had I reached out, I would certainly have startled them. However I'm a good boy, a reserved pornographer. I kept my hands to my self.

Then he would take is muses hand and guide him or her to the sex stained bed. He would have them lie down and then he posed them in the position which best suited his lustful fetish. He would place the right hand above their head, and then cross the other across their chest or belly. He then opened a small cabinet at the foot of the bed. He removed a featureless yet sad mask for himself and then a second mask of sewn together bits of flesh. The flimsy and light flesh mask went over the face of his muse. He would then lie next to them and spoon close to their back or side. He wrapped his arm around them and would lightly stroke their arm. That delicate touch would illicit some chill up anyone's spine,  good or bad. Reactions varied. A few laughed nervously and others would lie stiff and still with only their twitching fingers as a hint that they were still alive.

As Sam left the room with his new cuddle buddies, he would check my sketch on the iPad and sigh with delight. I felt very much like a filthy pornographer. Sam's camera was broken. He usually took photos of his models before he molested them. I became his only means of documenting his filthy creative routine.

make a Catharsis reservation

The Catharsis experience is available on select nights throughout October 2016.
hours: 8:00pm - 11:30pm

Tickets to catharsis are sold in 30-minute arrival windows. You must arrive and check in during that window. Upon arrival, you will first enter the deadly sins bar, where you may check in, relax, enjoy a drink and a few sinfully fun activities while you await your entry to the experience.

Select a remaining date to purchase a ticket:
October 22, 2016
October 23, 2016
October 26, 2016
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October 28, 2016
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October 30, 2016
you will experience Catharsis in groups of 1 - 4.

Standard entry ($24 per person) - you / your group may enter with other guests.

Private entry upgrade ($10 extra per person) - you / your group will enter without other guests. this upgrade enables you to enter ALONE, if you wish...

Catharsis is inevitable.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Weekend Top 6 Picks for October 22 and 23.

Saturday October 22, 2016
9am to 5pm Museum entry price. Adult $19.95, Youth $13.95 Grand Opening Weekend for the NEW Kids Town. The Orlando Science Center. 777 E Princeton St, Orlando, FL. The new kids Town features a new and improved Orange Grove, a Drip Drop Splash Zone, a huge Climb Time experience and tons of interactive exhibits.

10am to 6pm. Free. Veg Fest. Orlando Festival Park 2911 E. Robinson Street Orlando FL.
Veg Fest is an exciting day of colorful and educational exhibits and activities!  Veg Fest is a family-friendly, dog-friendly, and smoke-free event. Veg Fest, now in its 11th year, is one of the biggest and best vegetarian festivals in the country!

8pm to 11pm Grab a drink and or food. Jazz Saturdays. Cork and Fork American Grill. 

Sunday October 23, 2016
9am to 5pm Free event, But $22-25 for camping plus entrance fee to Springs is $6 adults, $4 children. Earth HealthFest Celebration of Earth's Medicine, Foods, Energy and Beauty. 26301 Southeast Highway 42, Umatilla, FL. A Celebration of Earth's Medicine, Foods, Energy & Beauty in its contribution to our Health. This FREE event is for all of us to enjoy, with FREE workshops in Plant Based Medicines, Foods that Heals, Native American Wisdom, Yoga, Wilderness Survival, and more. We have planned daily swimming & canoe trips to areas Mineral Springs as well as Hiking in the Forest. Bring your family, bring your friends to one of a kind adventure, and yes bring your diving mask, snorkel and fins, tent or RV.
Weather you arrive and set-up your tent Friday or Saturday Morning, there is enough activities to enjoy. October is a great time to experience the Ocala Forest; cleanest purest waters, air, abundant flora & friendly faunas.

• Friday-night Campfire Workshops begins with a Native American Sage Ceremony, follow by an interactive talk on Plant Based Medicines. Around 7pm at the edge of the Forest.
• Saturday-morning around 11am we take off to Alexander Springs, for swimming, canoeing, hiking, socializing. Return to camp around 3pm or 4pm. at around 6:30-7pm we are planning a potluck dinner, a good chance to meet & greet plenty of interesting people. NOTE: this is a mix group of Vegan, Vegetarians & others. We respect the food choices of others, and will provide separate tables for different food choices. Plan to bring a plate to share, as others will do same.
• Sunday's activities, so far will include a trip to Juniper Springs, which offers, spring swimming, hiking and an exciting canoe trip, and workshops to be announce. 
Liz Fuentes will be providing daily morning Lyengar Yoga sessions for your pleasure & health.
WE SUPPORT INDIVIDUALITY & FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT, SO FEEL FREE TO ATTEND WHAT PRESENTATION YOU LIKE AND EXPLORE ON YOUR OWN....Remember everyone involved in this gathering is doing it for free, speakers and organizers are providing their time, expertise and efforts in the true spirit of Celebration. Those who will attend, are meant to be here, weather 30-50 or 150, the success is based on our time to relax, and learn from each other, and yes Celebrate the Beauty, the Magic and the Energy of Natural Earth.
FREE just the cost of camping site and admission to Spring...
The only cost is $22-25 per night for the renting of your tent site, all sites with electric and water. The campground offers excellent hi-speed Internet, unlimited ice machine, bathrooms with hot/cold water showers, TV room, laundry room, an excellent pool, beautiful scenery, and amazing view of the stars surrounded by the night sound of the Forest. located just 15-20 minutes from Alexander Springs & Juniper Springs, as well as many Hiking trails to experience the Forest.
Entrance fee to Springs is $6 adults, $4 children. Canoe fee is $16 for 2hrs, $24 for full day, your option if you want to rent a canoe. There is plenty in the springs to keep you and your family busy.
To date our workshop providers includes;
1. Janet Malcolm, Medicine Grandmother Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin. Opening Sage Ceremony & Chat on Native American Wisdom.
2. Guru Tony Torre, Urban Survival craft Concepts
"Total Survivor Philosophy"

Noon to 3pm Suggested donation. Music at the Casa. Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum, 656 N Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789. Reverend Shawn Garvey, guitarist and singer/songwriter.

8pm to 11pm The brand new PHANTASMAGORIA VII thunders on to the Mandell Stage at the John and Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center with all new stories of terror! Live performers, “Phantastical” dance, explosive stage combat, large scale puppetry, aerial performance and haunting storytelling combine to create a tapestry of macabre and whimsical horror!
WHEN: Oct 13th – 31st 2016
All evening performances at 8:00pm (Box opens at 7:15pm/Doors at 7:45pm)
Oct 13, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30 and 31
WHERE: The Mandell Theatre, John and Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center
Loch Haven Park, Orlando, FL
TICKETS: Student/Senior/Military Admission – $15.00 / General admission – $25.00
Student/Senior/Military VIP Admission – $25.00 / General VIP Admission – $35.00
(VIP Admission includes Pick of Seating, VIP post show performance, and much, much more!)
WILL CALL/CASH ONLY AT DOOR reserve by calling our hotline at 407-476-5121
(Leave name/number/date of performance and number in party – you will be called back only if there is a problem with your reservation)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Robot Man at Cavanach's.

Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, a new performing art center, held a social hour fundraiser at. Cavanaugh's Wines (1215 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, Florida 32804). The proprietor offered everyone a free cup of wine to start out the evening. I found a table close to the stage and started drawing. Musicians Chris Cortez and Danny Jordan started out the evening. 1 t started to rain outside and it felt safe and comfortable to be sipping wine with several dozen patrons, and enjoy and the live music.

Robot Man definitely livened up the evening with their unique blend of music. I was in the midst of boxing up my life and moving to Winter Park. This evening was a reassuring reminder of why I needed that independence. The storm might be raging, but I could find peace of mind by documenting inspiring and creative performances. I usually do one sketch a day so I could keep the peace at home. This was my second and therefor a decadent sketch. I didn't think I would have time to finish it, but I took the chance anyway. It is time to take more chances and to stay longer at events like this to get the whole story. In this case, we all had to wait for the storm to pass.

The Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts (1905 Kentucky Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789) is now open and hosting performances and workshops regularly. Blue Bamboo Center for the arts is part venue, part recording studio, part art gallery.  This unique new space offers live performances most evenings, state of the art recording equipment, and gallery space.  They cater to jazz, classical, and world music, theater, dance, and spoken word. 

Blue Bamboo has limited seating so they encourage guests to purchase tickets in advance.  Most shows begin at 8PM and our doors open at 7.  They offer drink service, including beer and wine, but no food.  This is the hot teens new music hot spot in town. I hope to sketch there soon.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

An interview at the Enzian Theater.

I interviewed Julie Norris Wilder at the Enzian Theater to find out what I could about the law suit she was in with her founding partner at Dandelion Commonitea Cafe. She and the partner had different ideas about how to run the business. When her daughter, Maya, was born, she asked the partner to step in and help run the business more. She felt that corners were cut and the cafe didn't live up to the who is it idea she had mind. She tried to buy out her partner but couldn't raise I needed funds to make that happen. The differences had to be settled in court an ultimately she surrendered her shares to the business she helped build. There were personal aspects to y conflict, but those details can be left behind as both parties move forward and grow independently. She is happy to know that Dandelion is still doing business and thriving.

I have collaborated with Jul. when we put out an Analog Artist Digital World calendar several years ago. She is a graphic designer on top of being an entrepreneur, an environmentalist and devoted mom. She has plans to build a business that helps empower women. She dreams big and goes for those dreams. She has been the host of Front Porch Radio for years. She show airs every Wednesday at 4pm on WPRK 91.5FM. She interviews people who make a different in the community, and sparks thought provoking conversations.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Milan's Red Shoes.

Dylan Kratky began the day of June 12th doubting himself. He had just released a video of himself dancing at Pulse nightclub online and he didn't receive any responses. Dancing is his art. He actually studied at a visual arts college. Every artist wants to know that their art is seen and appreciated. "I don't need a response to fee adequate" he countered. Freddie, his soulmate visited. He spoils Dylan a bit, and he made him a wrap for lunch. They worked out.  Dylan spend the rest of the day creating his line of custom underwear, feeling inspired.

The first time he went to Pulse, he was just 18 years old. He was new to the city and needed a job. On that first evening he was hired as a dancer and he took the stage name Milan. From that day forward he was part of the Pulse family. He perfected some dance moves not attempted by the other dancers. There was a bar above his station and he used it like a gymnast. "I miss being a monkey." he said. Looking back, he thought, " I don't know if I should keep dancing."

It was 9:45pm when Dylan left his apartment for another night as a performer at Pulse. He remembered looking for the Pulse sign. The place smelled of Fabuloso. It always did. He did a circle around the club, meeting people. He was excited to be there, this was more than just a job. Pulse was for the good times. He got changed into underwear and got up on the bar. There were so many cool people to see. He wanted to get down a little early, to walk around. The cool manager wasn't there so he kept dancing until around 1:57am . A dear friend, Eddie Sotomayor, got him a fireball which they drank in the bathroom.  Dylan went to the dressing room, and began counting his money. Then he heard fireworks.

"It must be a fight" he thought. Then things quickly spiraled downwards. I'm from Lakeland Florida" he said  "And I know what a gun sounds like." He was about to lock the dressing room door, when a kid runs up, "There's a shooter!" he shouted. Dylan locked the door behind them. There were several rounds fired, and then another one. Someone dropped a sheet on him and he became disassociated. Another dancer, a girl from New Jersey, turned the lights off, and everyone turned their phones to silent. The door to the dressing room could possibly be mistaken for a closet full of wires. If they were silent, they might survive.

There was the sound of more shooting and people screaming. It sounded like all the mirrors in the club were getting shattered by bullets. There were four cabinets in the dressing room. Dylan hid in the cabinet closest to the door. The girl in the third cabinet was freaking out and kept using her Phone. "Put it away!" Dylan insisted. "I'm not going to die for you." Two boys hid in the other cabinets. There was alot of prayer. The girl preoccupied Dylan. He needed to keep her calm to survive. None of the dancers got dressed. They all had no way out. One final shot sounded incredibly close it continued ringing in Dylan's ears. A bullet punched a hole in the wall 1/2 inch above Dylan's cabinet.

At about 4am, Swat was at the door. By 4:17am they were being escorted out. They had been trapped and fearful for their lives for two hours. Unless you are in close proximity to someone who wants to play god, who wants to end your life, you can't understand the situation. Seeing this unfold on TV is not real life.  The dancers were escorted to the Einstein Brothers parking lot across the street.  Dylan was wrapped in a blanket, but otherwise undressed. A boy was grazed by a bullet and bleeding. Dylan ripped his blanket in half and gave it to the boy who eventually passed out. Pulse VIP hostess Dawn Goldstein came out of the club barefoot. Dylan gave her his red shoes. At least he had socks.

Pamela Schwartz the interviewer, turned to Freddie who had listened stoically.  Dylan said, "I'm glad Freddie wasn't there because he lost 2 friends, both girls,  and he is protective." If Freddie was in the building, I couldn't hide. We would have had to find each other, and probably died in that search."

Freddie had to go to work the next morning, so he was asleep when he kept hearing his phone go off late at night. He figured it might be spam at this hour, but the phone kept ringing. A friend said, "Are you at Pulse? There is a shooting. They say they have a bomb." He texted Dylan, "Babe, I love you so much," Then he called Mercedez Marisol Flores and Amanda Alvear. They weren't picking up. He tried to drive to Pulse. Orange Avenue was closed at Michigan so he could go no further. He called Dylan who was being retained in the parking lot. He stayed until 7am hoping to drive Dylan home. He finally left and drove straight to work. He got off work early and went to Dylan's around 4pm. He met Dylan's parents, and then went into Dylan bedroom. Dylan us still asleep, but he woke up, and they both cried.

It was two or three days before they found out about Amanda and Mercedes. Freddie was planning to go to Pulse that night because the girls were going. He feels an intense guilt. What if he had been there? They all would have regrouped and been outside. The girls snap chats were all over the news. You could hear the gun shots. It hurt him. Freddie wasn't out before June 12th. Now he and Dylan are getting a new place together. Blue cheese is an adorable idiot of a puppy. Dylan shared a tater Tot recipe with me that he says sealed his romance with Freddie. I made the Tots on my first date in about 22 years. They were delicious. When Dylan and Freddy left the interview they held hands as they walked towards Lake Eola. Love one another, reach out. life is to precious not to.

Monday, October 17, 2016

How Kate Maini survived the Pulse shooting.

Kate Maini moved to Orlando from Boston. She is far more beautiful than my humble sketch. She discovered she could be herself here and she found a strong sense of community. She met a beautiful woman, got married and together they are raising a son.

On June 12th it was a typical night at the Pulse nightclub. Dancing, drinking and laughter. She remembers, it was 1:55am and last call, so she was busy pouring drinks. She heard three loud bangs, and then ten more loud gun shots in quick succession. She dropped down behind the bar. Three more people ran behind the bar. There was screaming and running and broken glass. She rolled under a glass rack that holds glasses but her legs were still sticking out. She didn't quite fit.

She noticed her cell phone up on the bar and she reached up to grab it. She realizes now that that move could her have gotten her killed. She quickly texted several friends in a panic. She grabbed a young boy and pulled him close. She told him she loved him because she wanted that to be the last thing he heard before they died. Glass kept shattering and falling on her chest.

She began to imagine the pain of being shot. Could she handle the pain? Later inspection of the bar showed that some of those bullets came within inches of hitting her. "It is the scariest thing I ever felt." she said. She is lucky to be alive. Had the gunman looked behind the bar, she and the three with her would be dead. She wondered what her son's mother would tell him. She wanted to live for him. She heard the gunman come and go along with gun shots throughout the entire three hour nightmare. She dismissed the notion of two gunman because she could follow the footsteps and gunshots at every moment.

At the end of the siege, police escorted the survivors from behind the bar. For the first time she saw the piles of bodies and the blood. A vivid memory is of the broken glass of the waterfall at the front entrance. Three people rushed by carrying a body. The police asked them to take their shirts off to cover wounds. She had two shirts and also took off her socks and tied them over bullet holes. She felt disbelief and shock. In her dazed state she picked up someone's shoes and shirt and they were covered in blood. Realizing this, she dropped them. How could this happen?

When she finally got home, her son was still asleep. Although separated from her partner, she was there, and they held each of the for an eternity and cried. "Call your loved ones and tell them you love them. Tomorrow is not a promise." Kate said.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Form Structure and Interactions at the White House.

The Timucua White House (2001 Hamilton Ln, Orlando, FL 32806) hosts weekly concerts in their spacious living room that rivals some concert halls. Benoit Glazer built his home around this pitch perfect sound proofed space. This concert featured original compositions for trumpet and electronics. Most of the composers were in the audience. Besides the main performance, an artist usually creates on stage as well. On this evening, a sculptor named Diego Inkusual worked on a life sized bust of a young poised dancer named Megan Crawford. I'm pretty sure I sketched Megan at some dance rehearsal, because I recognized her. I decided to sit down at a back patio table, and my chair tumbled over backwards, thankfully with out me in it. As we all waited to get into the concert hall, Diego kissed Megan's neck and she smiled at the distraction.

Benoit's wife Elaine Corriveu, Wendy Wallenberg and others bustled in the kitchen. Guests usually bring a bottle of wine or a side dish, turning the evening into a community potluck. Strange, the program doesn't list the Trumpet player's name. That is a strange oversight. Anyway, he was quite good as was the sculptor, also not listed.

Diego had several life sized sculpture on stage, and another in The entry-potluck area. Fabrics flowed from their semi nude bodies. It was impressive work. Diego was quite active as was his model, Megan. He would often ask her to rotate in her seat so he could sculpt her from a different angle. He would often stand and he would gouge deep grooves in the sculpted hair. The facial features had been delicately refined back at his studio. He was feeling the music and it influenced his movements. Megan kept perfect still.

One composer wasn't in the audience. He was at an inspirational seminar. The concert was being shared with him and another audience with him at the seminar. Most composers got on stage to introduce their original music, he called in to talk to us all. Charles Griffin composed Between Islands this year. He told both audiences, that when he moved to Orlando, his creative urge dried up. He tried to work through it, but he was stuck. He had never experienced this before. The support and contact with other creative people finally reversed the stagnancy. This composition was the first he wrote as he got back on track. He spoke about his mother's death, loss and the need to remember. It is a theme that has hit home with me many times as I sketch people affected by Pulse. I try to remain in business mode, but often it sinks in. Charles used the sounds of ocean bells clanging quietly on the waves. the somber music hit a chord with me and the pencil stopped dancing on the page, so I could stop to close my eyes and truly listen.

The next White House concert is, Tonight 10/16/16 at 7:30 pm. It is Contemporary Classical, featuring Elizabeth Baker, Toy Piano and electronics, Art is by Gladiola Sotomayor.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Paint the bride.

So, what do you do with your wedding dress when the wedding is over? Most women pack it away in a box and store it for eternity in their closet or attic. Kimme Priddle married Ed Hernandez and she decided to turn her wedding dress into art.

Current Galleries right above The Imperial at Washburn Imports (116 E 1st Street Sanford, FL 32771) is run by local arts promoter Frankie Messina of Apartment E. Frankie loves the arts and bringing people together. He let Kim and Ed use the Current Gallery's round room to exhibit their photographs and mixed media art. The highest price was $225 and the lowest $50. 

In the center of the gallery was a small stage with a garden trellis acting as the framing curtains. White Christmas lights were spiraled around the trellis, shining like bright stars. Roses and yellow flowers along with fern and lace completed the elegant stage, along with a sign saying, "Paint the bride." Wedding guests friends and artists took turns painting the dress being modeled by Kimme. I didn't see who put the red hand print on her right breast. The room became quite crowded and I patiently waited for quick glimpses of the bride. The paint supplies sat a large wooden wire spool that acted as a table. Two bedside lamps illuminated the scene. 

A daughter of the couple played tunes on an electric keyboard beside me. As quickly as the scene grew crowded and chaotic, it then quickly became still as everyone left. How wonderful would it have been if the groom and officiant arrived, also were painted and then the ceremony took place as well. Unfortunately the wedding happened either before or after.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Weekend Top 6 Picks for October 15th and 16th.

October 15, 2016
5pm to 11pm Free. Creative City Project. Orange Avenue Downtown Orlando FL. With an estimated 15,000 attendees and more than 800 artists at Creative City Project 2015, it was the biggest and baddest yet. But it's only the beginning of what we can achieve together as we help Orlando become a city know for creativity and innovation. My sketches will be projected on the side of the Sun Trust building as part of the event.
The Creative City Project 2016 will take over Downtown Orlando with art and creativity.
And this marks a new rhythm for the Creative City Project. From here on out, the Creative City Project will take place the THIRD WEEKEND OF EVERY OCTOBER. No more need to look up dates. Just remember the third weekend of every October. This should make it easier for us all to remember and make space for our city's most exciting art and performance event!
Journey with us as we awaken the streets and public spaces of our city with art and performance. See Orlando like never before as you immerse yourself among the 100 person Central Florida Community Arts Orchestra. Encounter the Orlando Ballet among the high rises of the city. And, back again this year is a performance from La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil high above Orange Ave.
The Creative City Project is ready to awaken you to a new life of deep inspiration. As you walk the streets of the city, you’ll encounter unexpected creative experiences that remind you that more is possible. You’ll discover amazing cross genre artistic collaborations; large scale performances; and intimate, interactive moments. And when it’s all over, you’ll walk away inspired to embrace a life of adventure the rest of the year.

8pm to 11pm $7 No Borders The Tournament. Will's Pub, 1042 North Mills Avenue, Orlando, FL. After a year and a half of building this unique platform for artists to challenge themselves while putting on a show. We were overwhelmed with all the artists that want to participate. What better way to test their skills then on our 4ft x 4ft canvases in an 8 artist tournament.
The 4 winners will qualify to compete on our 6ft x 6ft competitions starting early next year.
Our original rules apply.
4 Black markers with different tips
One color marker
4ft x 4ft Smooth White Canvas
30 Minutes to Complete
Artists get judged on 5 categories
1. Creativity and Originality
2. Neatness
3. Time Management
4. Use of Color Marker
5. Overall Balance
The Crowd gets to pick The Peoples Champ before the judges ruling is announced.
Artists for our first tournament are as follows:
Don Rimx
Jesika Butler
Heidi Kneisl (The Naysayer)
Dante Seven Alvarado
Darrell C Johnson
Todd Bot
Luce Sky
Alejandro Ruiz aka Revel
Our trusty judges are
Earl Lugo
Stazo Oner
Special Guest Judge
Josue Ortiz
 Our house DJ spinning that 90's hip hop we all grew up listening to and falling in love with Chris Mendez aka DJ Cubby and laying down some cuts, scratches and bruises DJ Sureshot (Theo Sureshot Smith)
Doors open at 8
Show starts at 8:30
$7 Cover

Sunday October 16, 2016
Noon to 3pm Suggested donation. Music at the Casa. Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum, 656 N Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789. Classern String Quartet.

2pm to 4pm Free. Yoga. Lake Eola Park, 195 N Rosalind Ave, Orlando, FL. Near the red pagoda. Every week.

8:30pm to 10:30pm Free but get a coffee. Solo Acoustic Spoken Word. Natura Coffee & Tea, 12078 Collegiate Way, Orlando, FL. 407 482-5000.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Creative Process Workshop with Cirque Artistic Director, Daniel Ross.

The Gallery at Avalon Island (37 S Magnolia Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801) hosted a Creative Process Workshop with Cirque Artistic Director, Daniel Ross. The even I promised to bring a new level of depth and strength to attendees artistic process in this first Creative Process Workshop. The talk uncovered how to develop strong personal practices and how to work with a team of artists to bring a work to life. The Creative City Project is honored to host the Artistic Director of Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba in this evening in three parts. First, Daniel gave insights into the Creative Process from his experience working with Cirque du Soleil all over the world. Second, we'll take time to answer your questions about your own Creative Process and how to develop a strong company and organization to bring your creative ideas to life. And lastly, Daniel gave feedback on some of your works in progress.  The Creative City Project is committed to cultivating a thriving arts community in Orlando, and this new series of workshops is just one more way we're doing that. Don't miss it! Reserve your spot today.

When I arrived, the talk back was well under way. I muscled my way in through the standing room only crowd to find a decent view. The room was full of choreographers, dancers, visual artists, documentary film makers, writers and actors. I recognized faces in the crowd from past sketches. Orlando has such a rich talent base. One point that came up that I firmly believe in is to create, even when the mood doesn't suit you. So long as you keep creating on consistent schedule, then you then find you are creative than you thought you are.