Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Fish Fry

While family was waking up and chatting in the kitchen and living room in the Iowa home, the men went out to the garage, work area to gut some fish and start a fish fry. Rather than stay inside with the woman and children, I felt it my manly duty to head outside as well. The space is set up for maintaining vehicles and farm equipment complete with a lift. Deer skulls decorated the walls and horns protruded from the bare light bulb fixture. A crossbow was hug on the wall with care, but most hunting was done with guns. Behind the propane fryer was the huge walk in freezer where the season's venison was stored.

Pam Schwartz came out to watch and talk while holding a sleeping nephew. This is where some of the better family conversations happened as the fish were gutted. I love this utilitarian space, with cabinets and counter space, a true man space. Pam hates fish,  but I tried some later and it was good. This is where I would want to be to polish up survivalist skills of hunting, fishing and preparing the meat.  As I live now, I don't think I could survive without a source of Mountain Dew.

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