Thursday, June 28, 2018

310 Park Avenue

At a recent Oral History interview it took three of us to pin down the time and date of a particular vigil. For most people memories are tied in with children's milestones or changes of address or jobs. My memories play back as sketches. Sunday was my birthday back in 2016. I had just sketched the Jason Calhoun wedding at the Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum. I did a detailed sketch of the ceremony and the reception. The month before I had separated from my wife and I was renting a condo from a snow bird in Winter Park. For the first time I was living on my own since my college years in New York City.

Rather than go back to the condo, I decided to do one more sketch for the day at 310 Park Avenue (310 Park Avenue Winter Park FL). I sat at a side table alone and sketched people out having their first drink for the night. I was fascinated by the backless dress with the red bra. The bartender stopped to listen to the couples story. I assumed this was their first stop before heading out to a club for the evening.

Sometimes waiting for a friend offers just enough time to finish a sketch. 21 days later, the Pulse nightclub massacre would occur. Never again would I sit in a bar with my back to the entrance. In this sketch I was firmly aware of the exit through the kitchen. Rather than focusing just on some isolated vignette, my sketches seem to always point out the best means of escape.

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