Thursday, March 8, 2018

The prosecutors during the Noor Salman trial.

Any media inquiries to purchase courtroom sketches should call or text (407) four five zero-0807. I am out of touch while in the courthouse. I will get back in touch ASAP.

Jury selection continues for the Noor Salman trial in the Federal Court in downtown Orlando. Periodically, the prosecutors would have to introduce themselves to prospective jurors. Standing, they would announce the names of  Roger Hamberg and Sarah Sweeney, the state's prosecuting attorneys, and Darryl McCaskill of the FBI. During a lunch break I saw the prosecutors getting food downtown where I was eating, but I decided to keep to myself.

To recap, Noor Salman is the 31 year old widow of the Pulse Nightclub shooter. She is charged with aiding and abetting her husband as he planned the attack. From my seat in the jury box of courtroom 3A, I would watch the attorneys through the long jury selection process. Roger always has a stern expression while the FBI agent always seemed concerned. The prosecutors are tasked with proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Noor is guilty as charged.

Juror 44 had discussed the case with a friend who had served in Iraq. His friend had been injured by an explosive device while in service. He said that soldiers always had to watch the wives of the men in Iraq since they would to anything that their husbands told them. That made the women always a potential threat and they were treated as such. He said that this conversation would influence his decision in the case and he was excused for cause.

Juror 112 worked three jobs and said that a three week trial would be an undue hardship. She too was excused. Juror 113 worked in the court system and that familiarity was another excuse for cause. Juror 91 had a friend who works in a gun range and he remained in the pool of 60 jurors who would later be whittled down to the final 12 plus 6 alternates.

I still hope to find my way into the main courtroom. I was told that if I went in, I would be removed from the courthouse and my press privileges revoked. However Judge Paul G. Byron remarked in his rules for the media that there would be sketch artists (plural) allowed in the courtroom. I need to address the court media people and make final arrangements before things get crazy once the jury selection is over and the witnesses are called in to testify.

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