Monday, March 12, 2018

Lisa Moreno Cross-examines a Prospective Juror

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Jury selection continues for the Noor Salman trial. Noor is the widow of the Pulse Nightclub massacre gunman. She is accused of aiding and abetting her husband and misleading FBI agents in the days after the shooting. Judge Paul G. Byron conducts most of the questioning of prospective jurors but sometimes the lawyers have questions of their own after the judge has finished.

Juror 269 was on a murder case 20 years ago so she was familiar with the process of being selected for a jury. She has just started a new job and would not be paid for jury duty so she was excused for cause. Juror 262 has a son who worked as a DJ at a club near Pulse. She was extremely concerned about his welfare on the evening of the attack. Juror 266 worked at the hospital near Pulse on the evening of the carnage. She was called in to the trauma unit at 6 AM that morning when all the chaos was in full swing. She treated survivors as they fought for their lives in the months to come. She was excused for cause.

Juror 256 was a psychologist who has been called as an expert witness in other court cases. There would be a psychologist called as a witness in the Salman case and although the prospective juror said he could fairly judge and weigh his opinion when the testimony is given, he was excused for cause. The last juror for the morning, 267 said that he has attention deficit disorder. He works in the tech industry which requires concentration, but if things get slow at work he will get lost in his phone. As he said, "We all are guilty of a bit of Candy Crush." The judge laughed and when the prospective juror left he was excused for cause. Reporters in the overflow news room who had never played the game, asked for some explanation.

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