Monday, March 5, 2018

Judge Paul G. Byron presides over the Noor Slaman Jury seletion.

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On day two of the Noor Salman Trial, Judge Paul G. Byron asked a each  juror a series of questions to see if they could be an impartial juror on the case. He explained that the trail might take 3 weeks starting as early as March 12th after jury selection s complete. The case should have a verdict by the first week of April. He also let each juror know that they would have Fridays and weekends off to catch up on any personal choirs and responsibilities.

One prospective juror was a doctor who handles victims injuries after the attack that killed 49 people and injured over 60 others. Even though he was. Intimately involved with the Pulse tragedy he was considered fit to remain impartial. One prospective jurors didn’t approve of the Muslim faith. After further questioning he refined his statement saying he didn’t like radicalized Muslims. Lisa Moreno, Noor’s attorney tried to have the juror removed from the pool, but judge Byron overruled here.

Although the 600 or so prospective jurors who filled out the questionnaire were told not to discuss the case with anyone before coming in for jury duty, One juror admitted that he had discussed the case with co-workers. That discussion lead him to be biased towards guild. Someone had to be found guilty for the horrific act of June 12, 2016 at the Pulse Nightclub. A young man described being pulled over by police when he was a youth. He believed those police to be corrupt. Another prospective juror has a friend who died in the club that night. I was amazed that he was moved forward into the pool of potential jurors.

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