Sunday, September 17, 2017

Parkin' Lot Pickin' behind Twistee Treat.

Each Friday for about the past 27 years,weather permitting Blue Grass musicians gather in the parking lot on the corner of Colonial Drive ad Maguire in Ocoee Florida for a Blue Grass jam. The parking lot lamp acts as a spotlight for this group of tailgate musicians. The one female musician grew up performing in this lot since her father started the tradition. This is a true old Florida past time. Banjos, fiddles, guitars, mandolins and upright basses all find their way to this gathering each week. Jack and Judy Lewis founded this jam session 22 years ago, making it Florida's longest running Blue Grass jam.

When the sessions first started out, Jack Lewis says, Moonlite Express acted as the core of the group, never missing a Friday night.The jam session has gained a reputation. It's received so much attention that people have traveled from different states, and even other countries, to pick along with the Moonlite Express and the crew of regulars. Lewis doesn't operate a website, and the jam isn't advertised, so people have to find out about it through word of mouth. This group refuses to go electric, they play all acoustic instruments. To amplify, they might play into a microphone.

The Blue Grass Jam is an inspiring sketch and great date night any time of the year. The most obvious landmark is the Twistee Treat on Maguire on the corner of Colonial Drive. Order some soft serve ice cream and then listen for the Blue Grass music. You will literally find the group on the far end of the parking lot. I got to share this session with Pam Schwartz and we met several musicians since they were interested in seeing what I was sketching.

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