Thursday, April 27, 2017

Science Center Talk about OSIRUS-Rex.

At Live from Orlando, It's Science Night Live! Out of this World Space Edition! at the Orlando Science Center, (777 E Princeton St, Orlando, FL 32803), Dr. Campins spoke about OSIRIS-REx, is an exploratory spacecraft which will intersect with asteroid Bennu to collect surface dust to be returned to Earth for analysis. He showed slides of the spacecraft's sterile construction. The craft has been in it's Outbound Cruise Phase since Sept. 8, 2016. Bennu is about 600 feet in diameter which means it rotates slow enough so that surface dust should be still intact..

It Completed Earth-Trojan Asteroid Search around the L4 Earth-sun Lagrange Point on Feb. 20, 2017.  Although no new Earth Trojans were discovered, the spacecraft’s camera operated flawlessly and demonstrated that it could image objects two magnitudes dimmer than originally expected.
Completed six-month instrument calibrations in March 2017.

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