Thursday, November 17, 2016

Beemo Performed at Space Bar.

I was sketching at Pints for Pulse, a fundraiser held at Festiva1 Park (2911 Robinson Street, Orlando FL). in the Milk District. The fundraiser had every micro brewery offering samples for a set admission price. Local bands performed on the main stage. I sketched The City Song Players as they performed "Finger on the Pulse" for the first tin in public. After hearing that song, I decided I had to use it as the soundtrack for a three minute short film I assembled using all the sketches I did of all the vigils and fundraisers after the Pulse tragedy. I've been documenting Orlando's attempts to heal. The arts community has bee instrumental in helping the community heal.

Wendy Wallenberg whisked in behind me as I finished up my sketch. She insisted that I needed to sketch a note event in the more urban and hip area of the Milk District. Her Porsche was parked nearby and she offered to drive me. The drive was only three or four blocks, but it was the scariest drive of my life. Wendy is a frantic speed freak of a driver. It felt like we made the whole trip on two wheels after we careened through the first curve. When skidded to a stop in front of the Space Bar. She told me that I needed to sketch an artist that does paintings with his teeth. I wandered among the tents in the parking lot but didn't notice anyone painting with their teeth. So I went into the Space Bar and watched Beemo performing. The lead guitarist's parents were there and the watched as I did the sketch. It was a fun, upbeat performance. Then I walked the few blocks back to Festival Park.

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