Monday, September 5, 2016

Young Frankenstein at the Historic State Theater

Only two days after the shooting at Pulse, I went to the Historic State Theater, (109 N Bay St. Eustis, FL) to see a dress rehearsal of Young Frankenstein directed by Brendon RogersCrysta Marie, made the arrangements to have me come and sketch. She made me feel right at home. Brendon told me about an animated project that was still in the development stages.

I am quite familiar with the Mel Brooks, Young Frankenstein film, but had never seen the music at stage production. The set wasn't complete, and some props were still needed, but it was a clean run of the show. In my sketch, I focused on , doctor's sexy assistant, and then when I drew his wife, she turned out to be monstrously tall. She is as tall as the monster himself and therefor they seem a perfect match.

The Monster's soft shoe stage routine might have made a more iconic image, but I catch what I catch in the heat of the moment.  I worked from the upper balcony which is just used for lighting equipment and storage. The riot of wires and lights would have made for another great sketch. There just wasn't enough time. Distracted by the barrage of Pulse related vigils and fundraisers I unfortunately didn't post this sketch in time to promote the show. Those who went most have had a fun time.Shockingly, I wrote this article on the d that Gene Wilder died at the age of 83. I didn't know it at the time, it just showed up as I was doing other research. Rest in Peace Gene, you we a comic genius.

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