Monday, March 21, 2016

Watching Basketball at Miller's.

It had been a long day. Terry let me know she was going to watch a basketball game at Craig Miller's Field House (7958 Via Delagio Way Orlando FL). The Portland Pilots were playing the Golden State Warriors. The game was starting late, after 10pm. I arrived first. There was music thumping inside. I waited a few minutes for Terry to pull into the parking lot. We entered together and Terry found a large screen TV behind the bar that had the game on. There were dozens of TVs, each broadcasting a different game. A DJ however was in charge of all the audio. The bar maid couldn't her us in our attempt to place an order. Terry typed on her phone and showed the bar maid what she wanted. I ordered a Stella. Mostly because I like shouting Stella!

When I started sketching, Terry moved three bar stools away. Since the sketch was started I stayed where I was. A guy ordered a beer and dropped it on the floor between Terry and I. Glass shards and beer splashed everywhere. There was the frantic activity of sweeping up the glass and mopping the beer. On TV the sweat was being mopped off the court. I wondered who each person was at the bar. A couple of women danced to the DJ's beats. A cheap light show illuminated my sketchbook pink and then blue. The bar maid was quite entertaining. She danced to the songs she liked, and kept dancing as she poured drinks with a flourish. As I finished up the sketch, I paid more attention to the game. The warriors were way in the lead, like 90 to 60. There was no way Portland would catch up in the fourth quarter. The seat beside Terry was leaning forward against the bar like it as reserved. I decided to call it a night. I paid for my $11 drink and went home to get some sleep. I had to teach the next morning.

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