Saturday, March 14, 2015

AADW work on view at Maxine's on Shine.

Sketches from Analog Artist Digital World are now on display at Maxine's on Shine (337 Shine Ave, Orlando, FL), through mid-April. Maxine's was recently voted the best neighborhood restaurant and also best place for a date night. The opening for the exhibition was on April 12th. Complimentary cheese, crackers, fruit and vegetables were in a private quaint back room that resembles a mini temple. I was told that wedding ceremonies were indeed once held there.On the 2nd Thursday of every month guests are invited to "Meet the Artist, Meet the Winery, Meet the Brewery” as part of Thornton Park’s Art and Wine Walk.

Friends came out to share their support. I had a small table set up outside with some books, cards and information about the art. Jessica Pawli was set up beside me offering free samples of wines. The white wine had a faint scent of oak that I rather liked. Sam Ewing, a former Disney Feature Animation, and Full Sail colleague came out to check out the show. He might be helping out by teaching my Elite Animation students while I travel to Turkey this year. Wendy Wallenberg posed by the doorway several times. That part of the sketch was already finished however. I joked with her that she was blocking my view of the dog.

When the sketch was done, I joined a large group of artists, authors and musicians who were gathered at a large round table outside. Maxine pointed out that this is how she always envisioned this place being a melting pot for the arts. Michael McLeod, came up with the catch phrase that this was the "Max Scene." Maura Lucchese, had her work on the walls of Maxine's the month before my show. She was taking down her pieces as I put mine up. It was like a whirlwind, Grand Central Station day as we rushed in and out the front door. Maura's work is bright and sensual being created from thousands of bits of magazines assembled onto canvas. We traded cards. I did a sketch of her show and she gave me a sensual nude in greys, reds and blues. Some of her work showed couples kissing. The pieces are large and bold, and come together seamlessly from a distance.I'm a fan of her work now.

There was a long conversation about a live action feature film that featured angry chickens. The chickens were Hollywood executives who would pray on the innocent souls who sought fortune and fame. The puppet chickens were based on real life characters whose rude behaviors were exaggerated. It sounds like this is a film I should see. There seemed to be just one degree of separation between each person at the table. For instance Maura's friend had worked on the sound track for Carl Knickerbocker's latest film. She had done the sound effects and yet this was the first time that they met in person. Wendy mentioned that Maxine had once been Miss New York State. I'm always amazed at peoples brilliant histories.

Donna Dowless spoke to everyone at the table, saying that we are the core group of people who always show up at events. Each of us contribute to the arts scene in our unique way. It is through the dedication of our efforts and the efforts of others that this city is becoming an exciting place to live. It was a heart warming thought, coming from Orlando's Ambassador of Love. Her heart shaped pendant necklace caught the evening light. I felt the love on this warm southern night and felt grateful to be among such amazing artists.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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