Monday, June 9, 2014

Donating Sperm to My Sister's Wife

Donating Sperm to My Sister's Wife was a one man Fringe show from comedian Stewart Huff. His show is about his lesbian sister, her wife and helping them get pregnant.Actually, that is just one story in an an amazing laughter filled hour. Much of the material had to do with being raised a redneck in the south. Neither he or his sister fit the mold. His show became intensely personal when he spoke about wise another sister was who was born with complications that resulted in her brain not getting enough oxygen.

Donating sperm was awkward because he had to donate in a very unappealing bathroom while trying to aim into a tiny Dixie cup. He wasn't so sure he could aim that precisely. Ultimately however his sisters wife did conceive and they are loving moms.

He spoke for quite some time about his admiration for men who first tried to fly. It must have taken some true faith and nerve to stand on a roof of a barn with two winks taped to arms. Honestly you have to be a bit insane to get into some of the early contraptions that people thought might fly. When he acted out what it must have felt like to try and fly a clothes washer with wings, I was laughing so hard I almost hurt myself. Once the Wright Brothers succeeded, the adventure and mayhem ended. If you ever see someone walking down the street wearing aviator goggles, be sure to follow them because the might be up to doing something weird and wonderful.

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