Monday, May 12, 2014

The Solution

The Solution was an artist collective exhibition held at the Orange Studio ( 1121 N Mills Ave, Orlando, Fl) on April 4th. The show represented 6 Different perspectives, 6 different backgrounds, and 6 unmistakable voices in one venue were brought together to show that our differences unite us. These ambitious artists were given no restrictions and total creative control of the 4000 square foot venue. They intended to avoid the feeling of small stale claustrophobic galleries that display limited art styles. The artist invited the public to ignite their senses and experience art in a large open environment coupled with local musical acts, modern dance and local fashion designers. The goal was to showcase the overwhelming creative talent in Orlando and bring together all these different crowds. The exhibition was free and open to the public but only for one night.

 When I arrived about an hour early, the exhibition was still being hung. One exhausted artist was asleep on a couch. Several of the paintings by Genevieve DeMarco on the far wall refused to be hung. A ladder was used to hang one of the expressive paintings high on the wall and when the ladder was put away the painting crashed to the floor. The hot paintings of Natasha Brockman were expressionistic in style. One painting had a woman holding a bird cage which was open, allowing the birds to fly off towards a blazing sunset. Natasha sat at the computer likely firing off last minute invites or checking to see who was coming to the show. Other artists included, Victorious Fidelis, Marcela Rivera,Yve Illz Tbg.

Loose spiraling figurative wire sculptures depicted what I imagined to be dancers. A romantic couple titled "Compromise" by Jamile B. Johnson, held hands while their intestines spiraled free from their severed torsos. They didn't seem to mind. A DJ set up her station on the white seamless photo corner. As I was finishing my sketch people began to fill in the space and move their hips. Thin fashion models were in the green room being made up. The place was jumping.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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