Wednesday, March 5, 2014


After sketching the tipis, I walked towards the sound of tribal drumming. Leather hides were stretched tight  creating two drums. Groups of men in bright tribal outfits sat around the drums striking down in unison under a large wooden shed structure. About fifty yards of a grassy field was encircled by spectators. Within the circle, people danced. Indian costumes in every color moved to the beat. This powwow was a gold mine of sketch opportunities. One gentleman with a full head dress asked if I did portraits. I assured him I could do a portrait but needed to finish the sketch I had started. He asked me to return the next weekend but the trip to Auberndale from Orlando is far too long.

A microphone was set up for announcements and I heard that cars parked at the far end of the marketplace might get towed. Darn it, that is where I parked. I rushed to finish the sketch. It seems there is always some conspiracy that keeps me from sketching in peace. The dancing in the inner circle stopped and a bird of prey show was about to be staged as I finished up.  The handler warned the crowd. "If you have a small dog, please be sure it doesn't bark. This falcon had a traumatic incident in it's past involving a small dog and if your dog barks, she will attack it." I noticed an overweight woman clutching her Chiwawa tightly to her chest. I almost stayed to see if the falcon would carry off a pup.

All the booths in the market place were now empty as I walked my way back to my car. Only a few vendors were still in the market covering up their goods. I discovered more open rural side roads on my trip back to Orlando. I like taking small roads even if I don't know where they go, just to enjoy the old Florida scenery. Its good to become lost sometimes.

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