Monday, January 20, 2014

The Grove

The lot on the corner of Conroy Windermere Road and Apopka Vineland Road is referred to as "The Grove". Of course it once was a grove of trees and natural landscaping, until all the trees were cut down and everything living was removed. Weeds have reclaimed much of the barren sandy dirt. A Pannera's has popped up so that residents can get a sandwich at this spot or at the Panerra's a quarter mile down the road. Dentists offices and a fitness center are the newest additions.

The strip mall continues to expand with this newest aluminum shell of construction. The parking lot also continues to expand. A single stop sign marks the entrance to the barren lot. Mall construction in Orlando always seems like it is intended for a theme park. I'm sure this shell will be polished off to look like a Mediterranean plaza. Of course real Mediterranean villages use ancient stone and granite and have stood for hundreds of years. Here, a little speckled spray paint will have to do to create the false appearance of stone.

Of course Terry and I get our groceries at the Publix Supermarket that has been in this strip mall for decades. It's red tile roof is faintly visible in the distance in my sketch. Yet I've never gone to any of the other shops that crop up around it. That is probably because I'm always going downtown to report on events there. Though we live in the ever expanding suburbs, my heart is in the city.

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Unknown said...

So sad how the majority of developments and places are named after once was there...