Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Violectric Holiday Concert

On December 20th there was a free concert by Violectric at the Walt Disney Amphitheatre at Lake Eola Park Orlando, Fl. The concert was presented by the City of Orlando Department of Families, Parks and Recreation. I arrived early to block the stage in my sketch before the performance began. As I was sketching, a guy walked up to me to see what I was up to. He leaned in close and got his nose right up to the sketch page. He remarked that my sketch reminded him of Max Ernst, who was a German surrealist painter. The obscure artistic reference made me think he must be an academic. As he waited for the concert to start, he bounced a tennis ball impatiently. When he bounced the ball onto the stage off the drum set, I began to think something was a bit off about him.

Patty Sheehan introduced the group. She asked the audience if they liked the new art in the park and reminded everyone that the park wasn't always this nice. Violectric played Christmas tunes that they intermingled with rock and roll covers.  Their white dresses sparkled as they walked out. Even their eye shadow had sequins. At one point they gave two children tambourines so they could back up a performance of Jingle bells. Violetric is strictly an instrumental group so they encouraged the audience to sing along. The guy with the tennis ball belted out the lyrics a bit off key and danced in the isle.

Behind me a guy began cursing loudly, saying he hated this town and everyone in it. He eventually sat right behind me. His hair was wild and unkempt as was his beard. He looked a bit like a psychotic Santa. His cigarette made me cough a few times but I kept sketching. I felt him looking over my shoulder and luckily he refrained from cursing at what I was doing. For one song, the performers advised the audience that was singing along, that there were children in the audience, so they should watch what they sang for the next piece which was that song "Forget you", the original lyrics were "F*ck you!" The guy seated close to me shouted out, "You talkin' to me?" "You're so beautiful, I want to marry you." One of the performers shot back, "Get in line!" Despite the heckling, the performers always kept smiling. They were pros.

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