Monday, June 24, 2013


Snap!  2013 “Motion to Light” is a 4-day photography celebration showcasing the work of renowned international and national photographers, as well as emerging talent. It explores movement, lighting, hope and features works of photographers from France, Thailand, Czech Republic, Japan, Poland, Canada, Germany plus New York, Los Angeles, Portland, etc...

Snap! Orlando is a large scale international photography event with exhibits, projections and installations, salon talks, guest speakers lectures, workshops, competitions and community engagement. Hosted in an empty warehouse in the Ivanhoe District of Orlando (1427-A Alden Rd, Orlando Fl 32803), Snap! included large scale exhibits and projections; receptions and special events; guest speakers lectures; student and community competitions, youth programs, and much more.

On May 3rd, Terry and I went to the opening night in the 13,000 square foot warehouse. This was Snaps 4th annual exhibition in Orlando. I quickly decided to sketch from a second floor walkway while Terry explored the exhibit. Before I finished the sketch, she decided she had seen enough and she went home.

As I sketched, I noticed actress and photographer, Mikki Scanlon Kriekard, shooting video. She joined me on the walkway and started shooting video of me as I sketched. The funny thing is, as soon as she aimed the camera at me, another photographer moved in and started taking shots just to be sure he wasn't missing anything. Others took in the scene with their cell phones. Mikki followed me around like a paparazzi as I walked around to check out the show when my sketch was done. I got to meet her husband Bryan Kriekard and I asked him if she always had her camera on. We laughed when he insisted there were times when he insisted it be turned off. I'm used to being the one scrutinizing people. It was interesting having the tables turned. I liked the attention but didn't know how to act "natural". Regardless, Mikki caught an interesting slice of life with her video.

My favorite photos were by Nicolas Senegas. The large scale photo showed a nude woman partly submerged in water. It reminded me of Victorian images of the redheaded Ophelia floating in a river. Another cool series of photos showed sand being thrown onto muscular nude bodies. The photographer was Oliver Valsecchi. All I could think was that he should meet Jessica Mariko of Drip!

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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