Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mitzi Morris in "If Looks Could Kill"

I decided to slip in and sketch "If Looks Could Kill" at Fringe simply because I noticed the line to get into the yellow venue was long and it started to move. "That's what she said!" Bikini Katie was in the front row along with Logan Donahoo. Logan's show, "A Field Guide to Gays" was constantly sold out. Anyway back to the stage. Mitzi Morris played a 60's style American spy who seduces her way to the truth. She battled a ferocious Russian spy, played by Jamie-Lyn Markos, who poured out of her tight leather outfit. The most hilarious moments in the production were when this lusty Russian spy spoke like a sexy Natasha from the Bullwinkle cartoons, to her henchman on her cell phone and his every response to her orders was "Da".

There was mystery and intrigue and Mitzi Morris squeezing in a musical dance number. She lost one of the orbs that decorated her hair as she danced. As it bounced into the audience, I began to suspect that this spy just might be a guy. No, impossible, since every guy onstage instantly fell in love with her. It was a fun hour and Mitzi triumphed over evil.

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