Sunday, March 24, 2013

Volunteers Build a Children’s Playground in 1 Day!

On a cold and blistery Saturday,  March 2 between 8AM and 3PM, volunteers helped build a Children’s Park at Fleet Peeples Park in 1Day! The Friends of Fleet Peeples Park partnered with City of Winter Park Parks and Recreation Department to build the Children's Playground. Having won a grant by being ranked as 1 of the top Fun Cities in America by Dr. Pepper and Snapple, the materials were provided by the Kaboom Organization. The construction of the park was finished using an all volunteer force of 150 local volunteers under the supervision of trained Kaboom Park experts. Breakfast and lunch were be provided to all volunteers.

When I got there round 1:30PM, construction was close to being complete. Some lengths of fencing were being finished and a couple of workers were on the Jungle Jim tightening bolts. The biggest thing happening was that a line of volunteers were moving a mountain of sand using wheel barrels. Erin Volz was there with her 8 month old son. She had been working in the morning, but with her son on her hip it was hard to maneuver a wheel barrel. This is the type of project that really makes me believe that anything is possible in any community if people work together. A huge palm frond crashed down next to me because of the wind. It was time to get in the car to warm up. Sketching doesn't burn as many calories as moving sand.

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