Tuesday, April 24, 2012

View from Ivanhoe

When I was at the Palmer Feed Store Grand Opening, Brian OHalloran suggested I do a drawing of the Orlando skyline from a spot on the far side of Lake Ivanhoe. There were no big events going on, or I just didn't know about them, so I drove to the spot he suggested after I got off work at Full Sail. It was a quiet suburban neighborhood off Princeton near the Shakes, OMA and Science Center. A street circled the lake and the homes had this wonderful view from their front yards.
There was a park bench, so I sat down and started sketching. The sun was setting so the light grew warm. The quiet peaceful scene was shattered for a moment by a speed boat pulling a water skier. A cormorant swam by on the near shoreline. I felt completely relaxed. Now I know why artists do so many landscapes, they don't have to worry that people will move or just walk away.
Yesterday at the Florida Film Festival I saw an animated clamation film called "Venus". In the short, a young couple, Caroline and Rasmus, had a passionate relationship, but years later find that they haven't made love for over four months. Rasmus feels they can remedy the situation by going to a swinger's club. Caroline is reluctant to go and embarrassed. She is about to leave alone, when another woman in the locker room describes the thrill she feels when men lust for her. Caroline looks at herself in a mirror, then goes back inside and meets a man seated alone who is a bit shy himself. They quietly, then passionately make love. In the meantime, in another room, Ramus finds he can't perform. Embarrassed, he looks for Caroline and finds her in the throws of passion with a crowd watching. Rasmus sees how beautiful she is and when they get home, the passionate spark is re-ignited between them. This is a very European ending. In America if you knew your partner was with another man, it would end the relationship.

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