Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 99 of Occupy Orlando

It had been 99 days since demonstrators first Occupied Senator Beth Johnson Park on South Ivanhoe Boulevard. The 99% planned to celebrate the 99th day with free music in the park. The crowd was sparse, perhaps forty people but their spirits were high. There were setbacks but their voices were not silenced. I sat down and sketched during the sound check. Someone had a bunch of those New Year's Eve noise makers. A car alarm went off and there was a call and response that happened where the alarm would sound and then the demonstrators would follow with the noise makers. There was a festive atmosphere, a feeling that this was an important anniversary. I felt good being among people who were passionate about the Democratic process.

I stayed for the first set. The performer with the Greek hat and orange shirt sang folk songs about the 99%. The sun was getting low on the horizon and the warm light made dry pine trees down by the lake glow a warm orange. Shadows grew long on the lawn. Photographers wandered about shooting photos. When the music stopped, the sketch was done. It is encouraging that voices are still being heard. I packed up and hiked back to my truck on Magnolia. Time to get back to the grind to try and make ends meet. The 99% are still standing strong.

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