Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fringe - Outdoor Stage

Mark Baratelli, the editor and chief of thedailycity.com, took to the outdoor stage for two nights. Mark didn't have a prepared script, he simply took to the stage and started talking. He started talking about waiting in line for the Cody Rivers Show. I was in line with him along with Sultana. Someone told Mark that he had parked in a construction site and he would be towed if he didn't move his car. The line started moving and people poured into the theater. Mark didn't have enough time to move his car and still get back for the show. He decided he had better move his car. He said this loud enough for everyone around him to hear. I didn't think he would get towed and I told him so. Finally he decided to move his car. He was locked out of the show. He had made the right decision since a tow truck had been sent to the site.

Mark continued telling everyday anecdotal stories for more than an hour. This sort of relaxed conversational tone is very similar to blogging . He bought up a good point when he said that the outdoor stage is underutilized. There is a stigma to the outdoor stage where people assume only bad acts would perform outside. Mark thought it would be a good idea to have a panel discussion outside with all the out of town acts. This seems like a great idea. It would be a way for the Fringe audience to learn more about the performers and producers. It would be awesome if a hint of the creative process could be unearthed and mined. He particularly wants to find out more about some of the amazing one man shows like "The Bike Trip."

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Rick said...

The Bike Trip was an amazing performance...

Thor said...

Indeed. Thrilling and mesmerizing.