Monday, January 25, 2010

The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?

Play The Moment Productions is staging a reading of Edward Albee's, "The Goat, or Who is Silvia?" This one time reading is happening TONIGHT at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center (812 East Rollins Street) in the Goldman Theater at 8PM. There will be free wine and free admission. Any donations made will go towards a new stage production titled "Project F" which is being created and directed by Aradhana Tiwari and produced by Matt McGrath.
I went to the first table-read of the play by the cast at Matt's home in College Park. When we all arrived, Matt offered several options on places to do the reading, and we all agreed that it was such a nice day we should sit out on the sun porch. I went into the reading cold, knowing nothing about the play. The play starts out with Martin, a successful architect, played by Frank McClain, joking around with his wife, Stevie, played by Marty Stonerock. Their intellectual and playful banter sets the stage for a long-standing loving marriage. Later, Martin is talking to his best friend, Ross, played by Mark Baratelli. Martin goes on about how great his marriage has been, about how good his sex life has been with his wife, how they always know how to please each other. He says he might have been groped a few times at parties, but he has always been faithful. Then he talks about how his wife wanted to get a place out in the country. On a trip to the country, his life was turned upside down when he saw Sylvia. This was love at first sight and could not be ignored. Ross ends up telling Martin's wife about the affair.
What follows is an argument that challenges all of our societies' moral values. The affair cuts deep and causes a rift which cannot be repaired. All of this hard-hitting drama is laced with bitter humor and I was laughing out loud uncontrollably. This reading will certainly make you think. It makes me wonder what might lurk in the hearts of any happily married couple.
I had two cups of white wine while doing this sketch and listening to the reading. If any lines are wobbly or a likeness skewed I blame the wine. When I got home that night, issues bought up in the play still haunted me. I also heard that my stepmom's health had slipped. I went on a bender, drinking a bottle and a half of white wine and watching an old black and white Spencer Tracy film. At the height of my stupor, I went online writing messages on Facebook. A chat window popped up, announcing itself with a chiming noise. It turns out the person on the other end of the chat had a bit too much to drink as well, so they will remain anonymous. I am usually put off by the chat window, thinking I am not typing fast enough, but this time around it was fun and effortless. This chat refocused my attention and bought me down to earth with humor and understanding. I am writing this extra detail because "Project F" is about social networking as seen through the lens of facebook; about how this new group dialogue affects every aspect of our life. Even statuses that are not read, affect us subliminally. Facebook has done so much to fuel this blog, and now I find that newly discovered friends offer light when my mood turns dark. Terry called me from Miami concerned about me as well. Perhaps there is no such thing as drinking alone anymore.
If you know nothing about The Goat, you will be shocked, stunned and amazed. This is an evening that you should not miss. Prepare to be challenged, your moral codes shaken and stripped bare. Just go. Then send me a message on Facebook and let me know how it affected you.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at


Speakeasy, that's who. said...

You oughta prime up your sketches with a couple glasses more often! This is actually one of my favorites of yours recently.

Thor said...

You should see what I can do after a bottle of white wine!