Friday, December 11, 2009

Trees - Glory in the Highest

Having seen the final production of "The Singing Christmas Trees", I now know that "Glory in the Highest" is one of my favorite numbers in the show. Here Jenine, the choreographer, is teaching the children the dance moves. The children are arranged with the smallest in front and the tallest in the back forming perfect wedges. A proud father sits on the side lines shooting digital pictures of his child.
In the final production the core group was on the main stage doing hand signs to the music's lyrics and the children were on the steps leading up to the stage. They were all dressed in flowing white robes and the long sleeves billowed as they moved. The hand signs were graceful, slow and beautiful when timed to the music. I have to sing every time I hear this song. I always like to skip a beat and then belt out "Highest" a moment after everyone else. The great thing about this show is how everyone rose to the task. Not everyone was professional dancers or actors but after months of dedicated rehearsals everyone came together as a group and put on a stellar show. If someone needed extra help to learn some dance moves another cast member would step up and offer help. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.
At the beginning of one rehearsal a cast member pointed out to the circled cast that she had wanted to give up on the show. The work was hard and endless and she just wasn't feeling any joy in the process. Her voice broke as she told everyone this. She read that night a verse that struck a chord in her. "In humility count others as more significant than yourself." With that thought she decided to rededicate herself to the show, trusting in the director and the cast. When I saw her beaming on the stage swaying to the music during this number, I was filled with wonder and joy celebrating the strength of the human heart.

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