Friday, June 5, 2009

Orlando Magic Pep Rally

At noon Mayor Buddy Dyer held a pep rally on the steps of City Hall in Downtown Orlando. It was sunny when I arrived and a high school band was playing on the steps for the crowd of perhaps 100 people. Then some kids in blue Orlando Magic shirts ran out and started throwing tee shirts and noise makers out to the crowd. It was hot in the direct sun so I took cover in the entry of a building.
A speaker shouted that Orlando's time had come, that Orlando deserved to beat Los Angeles in the NBA Finals. For whatever reason the event didn't leave me feeling inspired. I have seen high school pep rallies with more energy and enthusiasm. It seems like the city is trying to drum up enthusiasm for the insane expense of $480 million dollars being diverted into another sports arena that isn't really needed, and is now half built. I personally find the Amway Arena to be a fine venue.
When the Mayor got up to speak, the sky suddenly opened up and it began to pour. Everyone ran for cover and that was the end of the pep rally. I was under cover so I continued to work as all the people in the square dispersed. The wind forced some rain onto the pages so once in a while you will see a line bleed out as I drew through a rain drop.

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2 comments: said...

i like how you changed the sky to stormy grey!

Thor said...

Funny how you keep catching my habit of changing sketches even after they are published. It would be cool to animate a sketch from start to finish. I have to look into that. I know the iPhone application "Brushes" has that feature.