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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Flocktail Party

Lisa Coney invited me to the New Bistro on Park Avenue In The Hidden Garden Courtyard (348 North Park Avenue, Winter Park, Fl).  On November 13th I went to find out more about fabulous flocktails and fun. Clyde Moore of I Luv Winter Park was there and he gave me a warm welcome. His pink collared shirt fit in perfectly with the decor. A dozen or so pink flamingos stood on tables, shelves and the bar. Each had been decorated by a local artist. Each was a unique work of art.

Robin Maynard, the founder of Libby's Legacy, a breast cancer foundation, introduced herself. She knew of me because she saw me sketching at Scooters for Hooters, another charitable organization she started in 2007 shortly after her mothers death.  $1 from every Pink Flocktail went to Libby's Legacy. The Flocktails were bright pink drinks served in martini glassed.

The Mission of Libby’s Legacy is to provide comprehensive breast health care to the under served Central Florida community through education, mammograms, follow up diagnostics and Hope Coaches on the journey from diagnosis to treatment. Libby’s Legacy also helps stage IV breast cancer patients battling this disease by granting wishes in order to create cherished memories with loved ones through the LIVE BIG program. Not just Surviving…but LIVING!

All the art sales benefit Libby’s Legacy and the local artists. The Flocktail Party was a way to thank the Artists and 1350 West Art Gallery where the flock was being auctioned off. The room grew crowded with artists and patrons and conversations roared. Inspired by the life of Libby Maynard, Libby Legacy foundation strives to be secure enough to be vulnerable, strong enough to be gentle, wise enough to be humble, and powerful enough to serve others!

As of May 2013 Nearly 4000 Breast Health services have been provided, 55 breast cancers have been diagnosed through these life saving diagnostics and 6 LIVE BIG cruises have been granted! That's what you've done Central Florida!  My own mother, Elvira, died from breast cancer when I was 10 years old. I feel a strong desire to help the cause. If anyone buys a print or the original of this sketch, I will donate 50% of the sale to Libby's Legacy. Leave a comment if you would like to help.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Scooters for Hooters

Scooters for Hooters was a fundraiser for Breast Cancer research in which hundreds of scooters and Vespas rode around downtown Orlando. The scooters were all lined up on Central Boulevard just south of Lake Eola. I had to sketch fast since everyone was revved up and ready to go. When someone gave the word, all the engines roared to life and all the scooters roared off. There were tents set up where the Lake Eola farmers market usually is. One tent was auctioning off artwork by local artists. I remember seeing a painting by Hurricane Maria on the auction block.

This was also the day of the International SketchCrawl and I relaxed in the park sketching and listening to the musicians who took to the stage for the Scooters for Hooters cause. It's good to know any snacks I bought that day went towards an important cause.