Thursday, February 6, 2020

Osprey Tavern

Pam Schwartz and I went to Osprey Tavern (4899 New Broad St, Orlando, FL 32814) for dinner. The place has a swanky vibe and service was fast to the point of hectic. I was just starting to block in the sketch when the food started to arrive so I had to juggle eating with sketching. We ordered some Brussels sprouts as an appetizer and they were well cooks and tasty. I ordered a Cider and Pam had a pumpkin themed cocktail that was really good.

My meal was a bolognese with thin noodles and a creamy sauce. In the dish were two cherry sized tomatoes that refused to be stuck by my fork. I chased them around the place endlessly and then gave up and continued to sketch. We both ordered desert as well. I had a carrot cake slice which was immense and Pam ordered a cheese board which had a smokey blue cheese that she loved.

Overall the food was good but both dishes we ordered were very similar to the dished Pam might cook on any given night at home. There was no spectacular WOW factor. One of the waiters looked like a musician I had sketched before. Apparently a lawyer for the city was having diner there as well since Pam recognized him as he made his way to the men's room. The city sprayed cement on the paint job of Pam's car and the city was supposed to remedy the pock marked damage but they never did. This lawyer was supposed to be the one to help.

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