Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Super Variety Match Bonus Round at Fringe

Jousha Productions presented Super Variety Match Bonus Round at Orlando Fringe.Written by Deb Hiett and directed by Tara Kromer, the show featured Mags (Elizabeth Murff) and Erns Eagleton (Rod Cathey) who were lower middle class people living out their retirement in a small Texas Town. They were set in their ways being rather xenophobic, and homophobic. Their daily routine was only occasionally interrupted by the UPD delivery lady named Delores (Maria Flores).

As the play opened Mags was asleep in front of the TV. Erns entered with soup and the loving way her served her was heart warming. Mags was supposed to have narcolepsy which means she could nod off at any moment. They reminded me of members of my own family living only through the TV news that supports their views.

However there was a hint of loss in the set. An American flag was folded into a triangle and framed in a wooden display case. This unfortunately was from the loss of their son who had served in the military. Part of what held them in place was their grief and guilt over his death. Without informing Mags, Erns had decided to rent out their sons room as an Air B and B. A large concert was rolling into their small town and it would be easy to rent out the space which would help with their mounting expenses. Mags was upset about the idea of allowing a stranger in to their home but she relented since it was already a done deal.

Enter Chrz (Douglas Warren Jensen) who wore a bright pink feminine blouse showing his tummy, a furry white anime cap with long ears a white skirt and knee high red striped socks. The cap had led lights that made it glow. it was magical. His high spirits and enthusiasm were in stark contrast the couples insular conservative life. Clearly they had never met someone as joyously gay as Chrz. He was honest sincere and compassionate so these polar opposites began to share and relate to each other.

He decided the couple needed to loosen up if they were to find their way through grief and when he left for the concert he left behind a small bit of LSD which was hidden in Erns and Mag dinner as they settled in to watch TV. The second act was a high stakes LSD fueled game show in which the couple had the chance to win the life of their son back or a chance to move on with their lives. A small seed had been planted for them to once again embrace their life instead of regretting their loss.

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