Thursday, July 4, 2019

July 4th Washington DC

When Donald Trump launched his candidacy for president in 2020 he decided to have his Trump Rally in Orlando Florida. Local counter demonstrators got a hold of the Baby Trump Balloon which was first flown in London when Trump visited the queen over there. Unfortunately the balloon never took flight in Orlando due to an ordinance that kept it grounded.

With Trump hijacking the Washington DC July 4th celebration I was pleased to find out that the Baby Trump balloon was granted a permit to appear in the Washington mall which is where the celebration is to be hosted. However the balloon was once a gain grounded. It can not be filled with helium and it can not take flight.

Trump is turning the annual July 4th celebration into a military display of might by having tanks transported to the Mall. There is of course concern that the Washington DC roads are not constructed for the heavy weight of huge tanks. Military aircraft from around the country are also being flown to DC for fly overs. There is much concern about how many millions of dollars are being used of tax payer dollars for this one show of force as children are shoved into overcrowded camps on the border and in Honesdale Miami in very inhuman conditions. Photos surfaces today showing standing room only in overcrowded facilities.

I started wondering what the Trump balloon could look like now that it is grounded and that is where this sketch came from. It would be nice if the tanks were as light as helium.

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