Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Great and Powerful Tim: Who Dunnit? at Fringe

The Great and Powerful Tim from Los Angeles presented Who Dunnit, a hilarious magic show gone wrong. I sketched a press preview and Tim Hoffman made it seem that there had been no rehearsals for this 1926 magic show in any form. At every turn the magic tricks went wrong. Tim had just flown in to Orlando and unloaded his bag of tricks moments before his press preview. On trick involved a locked box shown in the foreground of my sketch. The problem was that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at the airport decided they had to cut the lock on his lock box for security reasons. This was just one funny mistake among the many that followed. It was the random mistakes that caused the greatest laughs.

One lucky audience member was called on to the stage to act as a world famous magician who rivaled Tim's scatter shot attempts at magic. The volunteer was coached to die on stage and Tim as a bumbling butler was tasked with saving the show. All the technical mishaps could not have been  rehearsed. I laughed out loud the entire show because Tim and the audience knew that if anything could go wrong it would. It was an absolutely side splitting hysterical performance. It had to be the funniest show I saw this year.

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