Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Show of Force at Fringe

Skinned Knee Productions from New York, NY presented Show of Force. I found out about the show from Nicki Equality Drumb who I believe was printing show flyers the same day I was picking up flyers for my Fringe Book. Young women recently deployed recount their experiences as soldiers. The performance had live percussion.

Several of the woman talked about having to always watch their backs. One woman had to deal with a supervising officer who was constantly making unwanted advances. On the day she was going home having served, he called her into his office. While she heard her helicopter preparing to take off he forced himself on her. She described the rape in all its horrific detail. It was a bone chilling memory.

Another woman back from service tried to help her parents understand what she did in the service. She explained that it was her job to push the button that would kill indiscriminately. She wasn't the same person she was when she left.

While in the service they could rely on each other for support. But once they came back to civilian life they scattered to the four corners of the country. It was hard to adjust to life as a civilian after living through war.

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