Monday, June 17, 2019

Juice Box Heroes at Fringe

Kevin Burke presented Juice Box Heroes at Orlando Fringe. This straight forward show was about stay at home dads. He shared photos of his daughter and then baby photos of his son. He shared a photo of his son on a trip to the Grand Canyon and it was a shot of his son set against the grandeur of the view yet with his eyes averted to look at his cell phone. This photo sparked an Internet meme sensation and people photo shopped his son and various outlandish situations all the while lost in the digital haze of his phone.

When Kevin took his children to the playground the mothers on the sidelines wondered why this stay at home dad was spending time with his kids instead of mom. Kevin had a long history of working as a comedian and this show proved that he has the chops to keep an audience engaged and laughing while he laces his stories with sincere parenting stories.

His story of teaching his baby girl to ride a bike was heart wrenching when he was then years later teaching her to drive a car. He was basically teaching her to have independence and a life of her own. Kevin knows how to read a room and his interactions with audience members felt like the jovial exchanges one might have with relatives. This was a solid show with plenty of heart.

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