Thursday, June 6, 2019

How to Eat a Bear at Fringe

Crafty McVillan from Orlando Florida presented How to Eat a Bear which was about two moronic friends that got  a craving to eat a bear. You can think of Dumb and Dumber the movie but make it a musical. As crazy as the concept sounds I was enjoying the silliness for much of the show. A bear wearing a red tie (Paul Ebert) acted as the narrator in he beginning of the show masking himself as a human. He tried to convince the audience that it would be a good idea to send him some humans since clearly he would not eat them since he was Hu-man himself.

Mark (Luke Balagia) and Dave (Mack Stine), a pair of college-dropout decided after playing an Oregon trail computer game, that it would be cool to catch and eat a bear. Their attempts always resulted in them getting hurt. An attempt to order bear meat at Publix failed resulting in a hunting expedition to the local zoo.

At one point the bear cornered one of the boys behind a rock and red streamers flew up as he attacked to represent blood. The simple low cost set pieces added to the comic feel of the show. In a hospital the boys tried to hit on the nurses (Danielle Burch, Brianna Barrett) but they missed the mark with every moronic attempt at trying to prove their manliness.

Some of the songs were quite clever and the singing performances were on key.  I had low expectations going in, but had some fun watching these guys fail at every turn. Perverseness laced with pain can be quite entertaining.

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