Saturday, June 8, 2019

Church of Saint Bearer

Church of Saint Bearer was written by Irene Pynn and directed by Robert Cunha. The audience was ushered into the theater under the premise that they were going to a worship service. The helpful hymnal advised that we should cover our cough. There are often people who cough
as they settle in at a theater but I was more aware of the coughs and even coughed myself.

Mentor Higgins (Brett P. Carson) stood behind the pulpit and asked the congregation to stand, he then lead the audience in a series of calls  and responses. I remained seated since I was sketching. Higgins said: "We pray, therefore," "We think." replied the congregation. Someone in the congregation coughed.

Outside the church people were getting sick. It was an epidemic. Dave (Malakai Green) a young parishioner had doubts about his faith in the face of this epidemic. Higgins gave him academic answers but as the horrors escalated he too questioned his faith. Victor stumbled in and fell to the floor. His cheek had been bitten off. Blood was everywhere. Anyone infected could turn and attack others. One parishioner stabbed another hoping to stop the spread of the infection.

Higgins had to contemplate murder to keep the peace. Blood spattered on the Japanese screen room divider and the shadow of a woman's lifeless hand was projected on the back of the screen. Religion no longer offered serene wisdom. Only chaos and horror remained.

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