Saturday, March 2, 2019

Florida Licence Mobile

My last sketch at the IDignity Identification Clinic was of the FLOW Mobile parked behind the Salvation Army Gym, (440 W Colonial Dr. Orlando, Fl 32804). For people who had all the proof required to obtain a Florida ID (or license renewal), one could be obtained at no charge via the FLOW mobile (Florida Licensing On Wheels) at the event. People I had sketched inside as they made their way through the process ended  up out here where they could get their ID handed to them inside this bus. A few volunteers hung out in the tent to offer guidance. Some people lingered for a cigarette or a chat before they left to rebuild their life with the added asset of an ID. These Identification Clinics happen on the third Thursday of every month. 

It began to rain which chased me off to find my car parked several blocks away. As I was about to cross Concord Street on foot, a car rushed by at about 90 miles per hour. I swerved into oncoming traffic to get around slower cars and then tried to turn right down Hughey Avenue which is a frontage road parallel to I-4. The car was traveling too fast to make the turn and it crashed into a dirt embankment which saved it from crashing into a cement support wall. The car was perched on to of the hill with its tires dangling. Police drove up to the crash scene in a black SUV. I was walking towards the crash and saw police scanning the ground looking for foot prints in the dirt. The car was empty. Whoever had been driving had fled the crash scene on foot. People in a condo near the crash were on there balcony looking down at the scene and pointing. The police wore ski masks which hid part of their faces. I decided it wasn't a good idea to stick around since clearly someone was wanted and desperately trying to escape capture. They could be armed. I walked the two blocks to my car and drove back to the studio.

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