Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Leaving Montgomery, Alabama

While in Montgomery, Alabama, Pam and I came across a women's' march demonstration that ended at the capitol steps. There were a few rainbow flags. Tents had been set up on the capital steps and speeches and chanting resonated from there.  There was one hateful counter protester. He had a loud voice and tried to shout over the loud speakers. This counter protester made it clear that Montgomery still has deep roots of hate. He wanted to shout about hell and damnation rather than love and acceptance.

On the second day in Montgomery, Pam and I were looking for something to do. The few museums that were open wouldn't open until after noon. We switched our attention to breakfast. We settled on a place called Goat Haus Biergarten. The building was old with chipping paint on the front porch. It would have made a great sketch but I figured we would be in and out pretty fast. Service however was insanely slow. Half of Pam's dish was inedible.

I have a horrible sense of smell, but as we sat outside having breakfast, I started to notice a sulfur smell that might have been the smell of a paper production plant. We considered going to the Montgomery Art Museum, but would only have an hour to look around before rushing off to the airport, so instead we went straight to the airport and hung out there until our flight boarded.

There are only 6 gates at the Montgomery airport and the airplanes are little puddle jumpers. I focused my attention on the aviation fuel trucks parked across the way. It was overcast and cold. I wore at least 6 layers of sweaters the entire time I was in the city.

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