Thursday, January 31, 2019


Jealousy, by Ricardo Soltero-Brown featured three actors caught up in a love triangle at the 2018 Orlando Fringe.

Al (Colton Butcher) sits pensively on the floor in my sketch from "Jealousy." He has had a crush on Celia (Cameron Gagne) since they were in school. Celia is sleek and aloof, and I like that fact that she was always sketching. Unfortunately, I never got to see what she was scratching on her sketch pad. Al was in the midst of explaining his feelings when Celia’s boyfriend, Gunnar (Jack Kelly) entered the room. He was self-absorbed yet possessive when he realized that Al was making moves on his girl.

Celia didn’t discourage Al, instead basking in the attention of both men who acted like sophomoric boys as they battled for her attention. I don’t understand why he didn’t just leave, but I suppose it would have been a much shorter play had he been that reasonable.

Directed by Jeremy Seghers, Jack came across as a self-absorbed jock mostly concerned with his own looks. Celia was just a prize for his self-absorbed ego. Gunner on the other hand seemed sincere in his desire for Celia until he doesn’t get his way. Then he came across as a spoiled brat not getting the toy he wanted.

Love came across as a depressing wasted emotion.

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