Thursday, December 6, 2018


Callbacks told the story of Mike Rossi (Danny Baynard) and Terry Stein (Jay T. Becker), two aging actors whose careers lead them into the "small world" of theme park acting. They played the parts of Captain Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, the explorers who forged their way through the Louisiana Territory. Over the course of the years performing the same show over and over, they find the value of friendship and learn that life doesn't have to end in a theme park dressing room, if they're lucky. Based on over 11 years of experience as a theme park actor, writer Thom Mesrobian crafted a knowing and hilarious valentine to actors and anyone who's every wondered what goes on behind the castle doors.

Catie Walsh (Sarah Lockhard) as Sacagawea unwittingly became a love interest when Terry became infatuated with her. She smartly avoided love in the workplace. Filled with heart, humor and romance, "Callbacks" delivers an inside look at the people who make theme parks some of the happiest places on Earth. Mike Rossi was adamant about always going to auditions but Terry Stein grew complacent with his role in the theme park show. When the show was shut down Mike bounced to a new position quickly while Terry found it hard to find a new role. Mike ended up rising up to a managerial position and when he bumped into Terry he took him under his wing.

I enjoyed the show. It reminded me of working for Disney as an animation artist for 10 years. The studio was started in trailers set up in the theme park parking lot and during the internship I could see cast entering their dressing trailers next door. All day, I could hear guests screaming as they plummeted down in the Tower of Terror.

The show was directed by Mark Hartfield, former show director at Universal Studios. "Callbacks" featured original incidental music composed by Ben Shepler. Costumes were by Cristina Hartfield and the production Manager was Tonya Mesrobian. Stage manager was Sarah Moening.

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