Sunday, November 18, 2018

Creative Momentum Gathering

This free Creative Momentum Gathering, hosted by LifeArt Studio founder, Lezlie Laws, and Writers Block Bookstore, was a chance to not only hear Charlene's story, but to hear tips and encouragement for all journalers, memoirists and writers. It was an opportunity to come together as a creative community to reflect on the power of words, and to explore the love, sacrifice and endurance that's needed to create our own unique life art. 

Charlene Edge read from her book, "Undertow: My Escape from the Fundamentalism and Cult Control of The Way International" in a back room at Cocina (214 151 E Welbourne Ave, Winter Park, Florida 32789). Charlene is a devout person and she loves the academic side of religion which eventually lead to Charlene being promoted to the inner circle of biblical researchers, where she discovered devastating secrets. The organization's founder, Wierwille, twisted texts of Scripture to serve his personal agenda, shamelessly plagiarized the work of others, and misrepresented the purpose of his organization. Worst of all, after Wierwille died in 1985, shocking reports surfaced of his secret sex ring. Undertow is not only a brilliant cautionary tale about misplaced faith but also an exposé of the hazards of fundamentalism and the destructive nature of cults. Through her personal story, Charlene Edge shows how a vulnerable person can be seduced into following an authoritarian leader and how difficult it can be to find a way out.

Lezlie Laws was conducting a workshop the day Charlene decided to start to tell her story. Writing the book took years to complete but she persevered thanks to a supportive artistic community. There was a warm feeling of love and support in the room for this local author who was sharing her work.

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