Saturday, July 21, 2018

Street Performers in Nantucket

After a full day of exploring the Nantucket side streets, I went downtown in the evening and sketches several street performers. Street performers are not encouraged in Orlando and they are banned by an ordinance in Winter Park. In Orlando performers are told they must move to blue beggars boxes which have been painted on sidewalks in 27 obscure places downtown. Evening strollers occasionally dropped a tip in the open case. Having an open case in Orlando would get you shut down by police unless you were in a blue box.

It was nice to sit and listen and sketch the acoustic performance. The arts can flourish in plain view of the public on Nantucket. The performers were curious about my sketch, so we chatted for a while between sets. They come out too this downtown spot quite often to jam together.

I was fairly familiar with the streets between downtown and my friend Glen Weimer's house, so I hiked back to his place. It had been a productive day, so it felt good enjoying the night air as I hiked. I like he gloaming hour when the silhouettes of the homes are barely visible against the evening sky.

There is something magical  about Nantucket. The architecture reminds me of Charleston which has tons of history. The sea faring history of Nantucket is visible everywhere. Although the rich move in every summer, there is a balance among the native islanders. There is also plenty of untouched natural land on the island. There are no monolithic mansions like in the Hamptons. Instead all the homes feel like they have been on the island for hundreds of years.

Prints are available for each sketch for $250 and many originals can be purchased for $400. White museum grade shadow box frames are $100 more. You can e-mail Thor at

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