Saturday, June 9, 2018

Thrones! The Musical Parody at Fringe

I binge watched Game of Thrones with Pam Schwartz a few months ago. We were left wanting as another season needs to be written and filmed with the ominous news that "Winter is coming." Of course in Florida that might not be as ominous. This Fringe show is about a rabid group of Thrones fans introducing a friend to the show. Like the show their introduction is gory, sensual and at times hilarious.

Several woman waiting to get into the show admitted that they had never seem Game of Thrones. They wanted to see if they could follow the plot regardless. Since the show is about the fans rather than the entire plot of the series, they might have succeeded but knowing the story arch would certainly help going in.

One entire song was themes around stabbing. In one sensual scene Ygritte sings that, "You know nothing Jon Snow." Probably referring to his virginity. In another scene  Daenerys Targaryen kneels on the arm chair being penetrated from behind by her Dothraki husband Drogo. Her song is about wanting to see him face to face as they make love. In each of her songs she proclaims who she is and her destiny to rule the seven kingdoms. Her repetition becomes a running gag.

50% comedy, 20% simulated sex, 20% song and dance and 10% fast costume changes, and everyone dies, the show was a strange light hearted fun romp.

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