Thursday, May 17, 2018

F*ckboys: The Musical

F*ckboys: The Musical written by Savannah Pedersen is so far my favorite show that I have seen at Fringe this year. Presented by Infinite Productions, founded by Kayla Lopez and Savannah Pedersen, of Orlando, FL, this musical took me by surprise. The title had me thinking that I might be walking into a flashy cross dressing cabaret. Instead I got to meet some very real women with very real issues and concerns. These women meet at a local bar for karaoke night. One loves to sing and the others drink and commiserate. Their goal as stated in the opening number is to educate the audience about F*ckboys who are clearly a roadblock to any single girls peace of mind.

You know them. You love them. You love to hate them. Whatever the case may be, you've probably run into a F*ckboy at some point in your life. This is a haphazard guide to navigating the dating scene as told through the eyes of a bunch of twenty-somethings. A musical extravaganza you won't want to miss. In a musical number about the history of F*ckboys, Shakespeare is roasted. "Billy Shakes referred to women as strumpets. If I hear another high school freshman rave about how her relationship is JUST like Romeo and Juliet because she thinks that that is an accurate depiction of romance, I’m gonna go back in time and murder him myself. Also, he just looks like an asshole. Classic f*ckboy."

This show has just the right balance of real world difficulties mixed with humor. You learn to love and care about each character in turn as you learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Boys throw weak pick up lines at them like wet noodles. When one new man enters the bar everything freezes as the women size him up and come to the conclusion that he might not be a F*ckboy. Sure enough he talks one woman through her difficult break up without hitting on her when  she is down.

Woman 3, (Meghan Mitchell) was a corporate competitor whose career was skyrocketing. She can rock a Power Pantsuit like nobody's business. If she doesn't become the next Oprah by the time she's 30, she would consider herself a failure. She seemed to have it all in check but even she go sideswiped by romance.

The songs are well  written and the show moves at a lively pace. The fourth wall is broken to hilarious effect. Very serious life choices have to be made and in the end they band together singing that they are strong as long as they have each other. If you know a single 20 something, they need to see this show. Hell, I'm a 50 something and I loved every minute.

F*ckboys is in the Green Venue inside the Orlando Repertory Theater 1001 E Princeton St, Orlando, FL 32803. Tickets are $12 plus a Fringe button which is needed for every venue.

May 17 8:45PM
May 19 11:00PM
May 22 11:30PM
May 24 9:15PM
May 27 10:45PM

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