Sunday, March 11, 2018

Judge Paul G. Byron Runs Jury Selection

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Jury selection continues in the Noor Salman trial. Noor is accused of aiding and abetting her husband who killed 49 people and injured many more. In the media overflow courtroom we spend a lot of time staring at Judge Paul G. Byron in the video monitors. It is a strange situation that cameras are forbidden in the courtroom, but three cameras are set up to broadcast 3 views of the proceedings to the media in overflow courtroom 3A. No electronics or cameras are allowed in that room, so the only way to record visually what is happening in the main courtroom is to sketch from the video projections. The same questions are asked of each juror to see if they should be excused for cause if they aren't appropriate for the jury. I noticed the Pulse Nightclub owner take a seat in the back row of the courtroom to watch the proceedings.

Prospective juror 174 had a daughter who was attacked by her father in 2001. Social workers in that case tried to take her children away but she wouldn't have it. She doesn't tend to argue but balances all the information rather than rushing to judgment. She remained in the juror pool after questioning.

Prospective juror 176 felt that police sometimes overstep their power. He felt that the Pulse Nightclub massacre was in retaliation for 9-11. He has a friend who served in Afghanistan and was injured by a bomb. Although he claimed bias at every turn, he was kept in the juror pool. I was surprised at how seldom attorneys stepped in to question prospective jurors. The judge asked all the questions.

Prospective juror 156 felt that too many Muslims immigrate to the United States. Some jurors were clearly making statement to get out of jury duty. It is shocking to watch people do anything to avoid their civic responsibility.

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