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A Tech Trail leading up to Mass Murder

There is some sensitive content and disturbing details included within. If you feel you may be affected, please do not read this post.

 Kim Rosencrans is an FBI Information Technology Specialist. He is part of the computer response team called CART. He analyzed the date recovered from Omar Mateen's Cellphone. Starting on May 20, 2016 he noticed Google searches for ISIS. On May 21, 2016 there was a search at 6:27 PM for ISIS Spit Face. This article urged Muslims to "Spit in their face and run over them with your cars." On May 22nd, Omar viewed a video in which an ISIS spokesman urged Ramadan attacks in Europe and America. On May 27th he was searching for firearms, at the online Brass Pro Shop. he also did a search for the Saint Lucy Shooting Center and he read about the Paris Terrorist attacks. On May 28th he went to and looked at an Orange Jump Suit ISIS video. In that video ISIS put people on Orange jumpsuits and executed them. He searched for cheap flights to Istanbul, Turkey. He also began researching the FBI along with Disney live Web Cams. He read an article about a terrorist who deliberately shut off his phone for several hours to drop off the FBI's radar right before an attack.

In June, 2016 he read an article about 9 ways that people are being spied on every day.
1, License plate readers.
2. Sidewalk Cameras
3. Public transportation.
4. Credit and Loyalty Cards.
5. On the phone.
6. While watching TV.
7. Sitting at your computer.
8. Sending and receiving e-mails.
9. Surfing the Internet.

You might think Omar would leave no trail given his research, but he was lazy leaving behind a clear road map of his every move.

In June he began researching how the FBI was entrapping suspects in the ISIS war. In a shocking revelation in court it was uncovered the Omar's Dad was an FBI Informant from 2005 to 2016. Omar was questioned by the FBI in 2013 for bragging to co workers at his security company that he had ties to ISIS. The FBI gave up on him as a suspect perhaps because his father was an informant. In one of the "scouting" videos at Disney Springs, Noor can be seen holding Zac on her hip and then the defense pointed out another man in a blue shirt. That man was Omar's dad who was also "scouting" the location. He thumbed through shirts hanging on a rack, while Noor took photos of her son. 

Noor texted Omar...
N.  I told your parents you are paying for Cali with points from PNC and your job.
O.  K
N.  I'll be waiting. 😊

On June 11, 2016 Omar had plenty of ISIS searches on his phone. He powered off his phone going dark until just before the Pulse Nightclub attack. Noor texted...
N.  She (Omar's mom) asked where you were. XOXO
N.  What time does everyone go to Mosque.
N.  If your mom calls say Nemo invited you out and Noor wants to stay home.
N.  Call your mom she is worried.
N. Love you.
N. Sabrina stopped by.
N. Getting my food to go.
N. Told mom I didn't have the car.
N. Wanted to stay home LOL.
N. I'm home XOXO.

Omar was Googling Disney Springs on the evening of June 11, 2016 and could be seen on security footage at Disney springs. There was a large police presence at the Disney shopping area that night. Just past midnight Omar took a 17 second phone call from his mom. Omar left Disney and started searching for Downtown Orlando Nightclubs.

Noor sent Omar a text...
N.  Omar call me. We are so very worried. Please call me.
N.  Habibi where are you?
N.  Where are you?
O.  Everything OK?
N.  Your mom is worried and so am I. You know you have to work tomorrow right?
O.  You heard what happened?
N.  ????
N.  What happened?
O.  I love you babe.
N.  Habibi what happened?

FBI Counter Terrorism Information Technology Specialist Stephen Boise discussed information found on Noor Salman's cell phone. He habitually reached up to touch the knot of his tie when he answered questions. On the evening of the Pulse Nightclub attack she was at home shopping for leather jackets. Omar had lavished many gifts on her in the weeks leading up to the attack running up over $26,000 in credit card dept. The family usually spent $1,556 on credit cards each month.

It was noted that Noor and Omar were friends on Facebook. I am amazed that this is considered important information in a mass murder trial. but Facebook photos of Noor were helpful to show that she had a wedding ring although Omar spent over $7000 on another ring in the days before the attack. Noor deleted messages on the night of the attack. Charles Swift on cross examination of Boise, asked the agent if Noor regularly deleted texts. Of the 2000 pages of texts he had researched, he couldn't decide if she regularly deleted texts. He did not want to conceded that she might do this as habit rather than s a sure sign of guilt. There were no Islamic extremist posts from Noor no political posts. There were no searches for Pulse, guns, Disney Springs or the FBI on her phone. 

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