Wednesday, February 14, 2018

DRIP is Closing their Internationsl Drive Location.

I was there sketching as DRIP opened  its International Drive Location with its grunge underground bar vibe, the shows featured modern dance, water effects and colorful paint. The walls were painted black and would get covered each performance with bright splashes of color. After 5 successful years of bringing innovative, edgy dance shows and art events to the I-Drive area, DRIP will be closing the location to focus on new projects.

“Closing this location is bittersweet but exciting for our team.  We put a huge amount of passion into everything created in that space and have amazing memories from the team interacting with the guests. We had terrific experiences over the last 5 years and are eager to re-focus and inject our creativity into the next project."  explains DRIP founder and creative director Jessica Mariko. "We appreciate our fans and are looking forwards to playing with them again soon."

Since DRIP opened their International Drive location, they have produced over 700 shows, artistic events, concerts, festivals, fashion shows, private parties and corporate events. Experiences in the DRIP venue have included a super-hero show during the Megacon Convention, The Blind Date experience for couples during Valentine's Day, the Underground Vampire Bar experience in October, Gay Days events, Local Art Night, BASE Body Painting Art Events, and many more. DRIP has also been commissioned to develop creative experiences for companies such as Timex, Siemens, L'Oreal, Wrestlemania, and Kawasaki.

The sketch above is from a DRIP Art Night which always featured the talents of local artists. Paint the Trail was using cut out stencils to create quick colorful portraits of celebrities. As soon as he was done spraying another artist would blow dry the paint to get it to dry fast. The same portrait might involve 5 different layers which were built up, one on top of another. A pile of the portraits build up to the table on the artists right. People rifled through the art as the artist worked.

I produced a small book about the history of DRIP. I am amazed that it now documents a past history. The venue did so much to help promote the arts in Orlando. It is a bright beacon that will be missed. I hope that the cutting edge dance company will resurface in a new and unexpected form. The loss of Drip reminds me that I need to continue documenting unique Orlando culture. Even the brightest lights will fade or transform.

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