Monday, January 8, 2018

Test Track at the gun range.

In Tavares Florida there is a large parking lot at the private Eustice Gun Club that is converted into a test track for The Porche Club.  Cones are set up to create a course that tests drivers skills.  Many drivers have magnetic numbers that they add to the hood or car door.  Topics are varied, from how to drive out of a skid to how to hold the steering wheel to avoid having hour wrists broken by air bags should there be a crash.

All of the Porches line up on a service road leading to the track, and then one by one, they drive the track competing against a stop watch.  All drivers had helmets and if they didn't, they were required to rent a helmet.  All during the test runs gunfire popped off at the gun range.  In my sketch the covered canopy is where shooters line up to fire at targets.  There was also an indoor range which was always active. 

I sat in the grass watching the endless test track runs.  I sat close to a tree thinking I could make a run for it if a car skidded off the pavement out of control. Only one car did push the limits spinning off the track and stopping just short of a chain link fence.  Across the street, I could see model air planes buzzing above a landfill.  

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