Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Hound of the Baskervillesat at Shakes.

The Hound of the Baskerrvilles, written by Sir Conan Doyle was adapted for the stage by Steven Canny and John Nicholson. The 19 parts are played by just three actors. Steven Lane played Sherlock Holmes and I grew anxious since he didn't play the part of Sherlock very often. This hilarious  production at times involved the actors breaking character and talking to the audience one on one. They poked jabs at each other for the past productions they had done. Dr. John Watson, (Simon Needham) was a natural at the British accent since he comes form England. The other actors joked that he is taking good paying actors work from American actors. Chris Crawford played Sir Henry Baskerville among other roles. The production involved many very quick costume changes.

After the first act there was an intermission and the second act began with Steven Lane reading a note form an audience member in the center section. It stated that his acting was lackluster and sluggish. The response was for the cast to re-act the entire first act at an insanely accelerated pace. This time costumes were often only half assembled as the actors ran around the stage to hit their marks. This was hilarious and impressive at the same time.

The Baskerville family suffered from a curse that began when a young woman was imprisoned at their Devonshire estate. A huge and vicious hound then attacked the guilty abductor. Since that date the family carried the curse. Each generation would suffer from the attack of a devilish red eyed  hound. The recent death of a Sir Charles Baskerville rekindled the story of the cure and brought in Holmes and Watson on the case. Holmes was busy but sent Watson to the estate to investigate.

There is an escaped convict on the moor and mysterious candle messaged sent at night. Sherlock takes multiple disguises to watch the activity of the state from afar. His several attempts to reveal himself to Watson, are hilarious since Watson is blinded by theater blindness that allows for a costume change to be an absolute disguise.  Myth and mystery eventually give way to thought and reason and the suspect is discovered.

We were seated in the back row of house left which was a great vantage point when the actors left the stage and wandered into the audience. I almost tripped an actor as he rushed out the fire escape door setting off the alarm. I highly recommend the show for a light hearted evening of theater.

The Hound of the Baskervilles.
Orlando Shakespeare Theater, The Goldman
812 E Rollins St, Orlando, FL 32803
Tickets are $13 to $50.

Remaining show dates:

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 7:30 PM

Sold out! There are no tickets available.

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