Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sing Along with The Muppet Movie at the Abbey.

I now live downtown near The Abbey. Each day, I like to watch the marquee sign being changes. I stepped out for the night to do a sketch, and couldn't resist sketching the Abbey. Purple light glowed inside And the stark white marquee announced the Sing Along with the Muppet Movie . I sketched as the sun set and people gathered near the theater entrance. I had never seem the movie before but have seen the Muppets many times over the years on TV.

Sing Along with The Muppet Movie provided a family-friendly, interactive experience allowing the audience to renew their rainbow connection with the classic Jim Henson film. Heather Henson, Jim's daughter, and her Sing Along crew brought elements of the film to life for the audience via puppetry and more. One of her crew recognized me and asked me to go inside to see the show. Children and adults were urged to participate in a variety of fun ways. This relaxed performance had lights up, modified sound, a quiet room and the ability to get out of your seat to dance and play.

Butterfly kites fluttered and fish leaped above the audience as the Rainbow Connection opened the film. Kids played tab, Chasing each other around the theater. I think the adults were the only ones to see the film all the way through, but it was a fun chaotic experience.

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